Vienna International Airport (VIE)

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Hotels at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat

Vienna International Airport accommodation Vienna International Airport is the busiest airport in Austria and an important air traffic hub used by people from big part of Central and Eastern Europe. The airport is located near the city of Schwechat about 15 km to the south-east from Vienna city centre. Hotels directly at Vienna Schwechat Airport [more…]

Bus from Vienna Airport to Brno, Prague

Eurolines bus from Vienna to Brno and Prague Update: At present, Eurolines do not operate any buses between Vienna Schwechat Airport and Brno. Eurolines operate direct route from Schwechat Airport to Brno. The price is lower compared to Student Agency: one way ticket to Brno is EUR 8.20, return ticket is EUR 14.70. Some buses [more…]

Getting from Meidling Station to Vienna Airport

Wien Meidling Train Station Due to the construction of the new Main Train Station in Vienna and the closure of Südbahnhof for long-distance trains, the train station in Meidling has become an important hub for many people travelling to or through Vienna using a train. Those who need to get from Wien Meidling Station to [more…]

Vienna Airport Taxi near Schönbrunn

Vienna Airport Taxi near Schönbrunn

Vienna Airport Taxi Vienna Airport Taxi car standing near the entrance to Schönbrunn Palace. In front of Schönbrunn you can always see numerous buses and taxis. As one of the main landmarks of Vienna, the castle is easily accessible from anywhere in the city by taxi, bus, or metro. U-Bahn station Schönbrunn is located about [more…]

Vienna Airport Transfer Procedures

Transferring in Vienna The advantage of Vienna International Airport compared to some other airports is relatively short distance between gates. Therefore, a transfer should not take much longer than 30 minutes if necessary. Thanks to the airline alliances, the flights often match perfectly and there is not much excess time. After leaving the aircraft, follow [more…]

Vienna Airport Departure Procedures

Getting to the airport The information on how to get from the city centre to the airport: Getting to the airport Check-in for departure It is recommended to arrive at the airport well ahead of the departure time. For flights with flight time up to 6 hours, the airport suggests at least 2 hours ahead, [more…]

Vienna Airport Arrival Procedures

Passport control Passport control depends on the country you are travelling from. If you have arrived from a Schengen country (here you can find the list of Schengen countries), there is no passport control, unless you are just transferring in Vienna and continue to a non-Schengen country (in this case, see Transfer procedures & practical [more…]

Schwechat Airport Overseas Destinations

Selected regular overseas routes to and from Vienna International Airport (VIE) City Carrier Bangkok Austrian Airlines, EVA Airways Corporation Beijing Austrian Airlines Delhi Austrian Airlines Doha Qatar Airways Dubai Austrian Airlines, Emirates New York Austrian Airlines Seoul Korean Air Lines Taipei EVA Airways Corporation Tokyo Austrian Airlines Washington Austrian Airlines

Parking at Vienna International Airport

Parking lots at Schwechat Airport There are numerous parking facilities at Schwechat Airport with total capacity in excess of 23,000 cars. Prices vary across these parks and therefore it is advisable to choose the right one for your particular purpose. Short terms parking, picking up somebody If you need to leave your car just for [more…]

Getting from Vienna Centre to Schwechat Airport

City Airport Train (CAT) There are two competing train services between the city and the airport. City Airport Train or CAT service, operated by the airport company, is faster (takes 16 minutes), but more expensive (EUR 9 for one way, EUR 16 for return ticket). The CAT leaves from Wien-Mitte station, easily accessible by multiple [more…]