Bus from Vienna Airport to Brno, Prague

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Eurolines bus from Vienna to Brno and Prague

Update: At present, Eurolines do not operate any buses between Vienna Schwechat Airport and Brno. Eurolines operate direct route from Schwechat Airport to Brno. The price is lower compared to Student Agency: one way ticket to Brno is EUR 8.20, return ticket is EUR 14.70. Some buses stop in several Austrian and Czech towns along the way (Wolkersdorf, Kollnbrunn, Gaweinstal, Poysdorf, Drasenhofen, Mistelbach, Laa a. d. Thaya, Mikulov, Pohorelice). The ride to Brno takes a little over three hours. The buses leave in front of the arrivals area.

There is one pair of buses daily, operated by Eurolines, departing from Vienna Südtiroler Platz and going to Prague with a stop in Brno (departure time from Südtiroler Platz is at 1pm every day – as of August 2011).

Eurolines bus from Vienna-Edberg to Prague (non-stop)

Eurolines also operate a direct route from Vienna to Prague, but these buses leave from the metro station and bus terminal Erdberg (U3 line) and don’t go to Schwechat Airport. Travel time from Vienna to Prague is four hours. The bus goes directly and does not stop in Brno. Getting from Vienna International Airport to Erdberg is relatively easy by train or by bus or taxi.

Student Agency bus from Vienna to Brno and Prague

Czech company Student Agency operates a bus line from Vienna International Airport to Brno and Prague. The buses leave several times every day in front of the arrivals area of the Schwechat Airport. It takes less than three hours from Vienna to Brno and about six hours from Vienna to Prague. Student Agency offers a high quality service on board, including free coffee, newspaper (mostly Czech however), video, and radio facilities. The tickets can easily be booked online and usually it is possible to cancel it as late as 2 hours prior to departure with no extra charge. One way from Vienna Airport to Prague costs EUR 24, one way to Brno costs EUR 16. Return tickets are double the one way ticket price.

Note: The schedule and prices may be outdated. Visit PragPrague.com for more details about buses between Vienna and Prague or go directly to the carriers’ websites for updates.