Parking at Vienna International Airport

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Parking lots at Schwechat Airport

There are numerous parking facilities at Schwechat Airport with total capacity in excess of 23,000 cars. Prices vary across these parks and therefore it is advisable to choose the right one for your particular purpose.

Short terms parking, picking up somebody

If you need to leave your car just for an hour or less (e.g. when picking up somebody or taking somebody to the airport), the short term car parks are probably the best option. There are two of them and they are marked K1 and K3. Location is their advantage as they are situated next to the Arrivals Hall and also close to the departure area. The price is the highest of all parking facilities at the airport, but for one hour the difference is negligible. One hour costs EUR 3.50 and the same price applies for every additional hour if you exceed it. In case of parking for a longer time, there are better options.

Multi-storey parks

There are two multi-storey parks, marked as 3 and 4, at Schwechat Airport. Their location is still satisfactory. P3 is situated very close to the departure area; P4 is a bit further away, but still relatively close. The first hour costs EUR 3.20 here and the price for every additional hour gradually declines. 2 hours are for EUR 5.00, 3 hours are for EUR 7.50, 4 hours for EUR 9.50, and 24 hours for EUR 26.50. There is greater jump in price from the 4th to the 5th hour (EUR 9.50 to EUR 13.50). At this point long-term parking lot starts getting much cheaper.

Long-term car park

Long-term parking lot marked as C is the cheapest option of all the parking facilities at Vienna Airport, especially if you count your parking time in days. 24 hours cost EUR 18.50 and a week is for EUR 77. Park C is located behind the office parks. There is also a supermarket in the same building in case that you need to buy some last things for your trip.

Paying for the parking and exiting the car park

There are three places where you can pay for your parking. The main pay desk is situated in the multi-storey park 4. There are also several machines installed in the terminal building. The parking fees are payable before you return to your car. When paying the fee you receive an exit ticket that you need for passing the automatic barriers when driving out of the car park. Note that the ticket is only valid for 20 minutes following the payment, so going to the supermarket after you have paid your parking is not a good idea. The third option is to pay the fee using your credit card at the automatic exit barrier. All major cards are accepted (Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Diners Club).

Call to get the cheapest option

If you want to know which car park is best suitable (cheapest) for your particular needs, you may call the parking information service at Vienna International Airport at +43-1-7007-22886.