Vienna Airport Arrival Procedures

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Passport control

Passport control depends on the country you are travelling from. If you have arrived from a Schengen country (here you can find the list of Schengen countries), there is no passport control, unless you are just transferring in Vienna and continue to a non-Schengen country (in this case, see Transfer procedures & practical info). If you have arrived from a country that is not a member of the Schengen area, you will have to show your passport for control.

Baggage reclaim

The way to the baggage reclaim hall is signed by the “Exit Vienna” signs. Check the monitors for the number of the conveyor belt at which you can get your baggage. It can take several minutes to unload the baggage from the aircraft and in such case you have to wait. After you have got your luggage, you can use a luggage trolley for a coin that will be returned after giving the trolley back. There is also a porter service available in the baggage reclaim hall.

Customs control

From the baggage reclaim hall all passengers proceed to the customs control point. If you have nothing to declare, you may just pass. Use the blue gate if your luggage has a tag with a green border. If it hasn’t and you don’t have anything to declare, go through the green gate. If you have goods to declare, use the red gate. After passing through customs, you will emerge in the Arrivals Hall.

Getting to the city centre

In the Arrivals hall you can follow the signs directing you to the various kinds of transport to Vienna city centre, if that is your destination. There are several alternatives: taxi, bus, hotel shuttle service, and two different train services. Because the distance of Schwechat Airport from the city centre is not as big as in some other cities, the time differences are negligible. But obviously the price can differ quite significantly. Read more about the options of getting from the airport to Vienna city centre either by train or by bus, taxi, or car.

Getting to cities in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia

If you are travelling to other places than Vienna, see more information on getting from Vienna Airport to other cities:

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