Vienna Airport Departure Procedures

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Getting to the airport

The information on how to get from the city centre to the airport: Getting to the airport

Check-in for departure

It is recommended to arrive at the airport well ahead of the departure time. For flights with flight time up to 6 hours, the airport suggests at least 2 hours ahead, for longer flights (and also flights to Israel), at least 3 hours. There are three possible terminals where your check-in takes place: terminal 1, 1A, or 2. Navigation inside the airport is outstanding and with enough time finding the correct check-in counter should not be a problem.

The exact procedures vary depending on the particular airline, but in general you hand your luggage to the counter operator and get a boarding pass and your part of the flight ticket. Besides checking-in at the counter it is possible to use self check-in machines, online check-in, telephone check-in, and other possibilities. These also vary across airlines.

Boarding pass control and transfer area

Following check-in all passengers go to boarding pass control points, where they are expected to show a valid boarding pass (you should have got it at check-in). After this point, you enter the Transfer area, where you wait for boarding and can use this time for shopping or visit one of the numerous restaurants and bars. Don’t forget to watch the information panels and monitors carefully and go to gate in time. Gates at Vienna International Airport are marked A, B, or C.

Security control

On your way to the gate, you must pass the security control. The procedure is similar to most European airports and includes the usual metal detector test (walking through a frame). Passengers are requested to show any metal objects they posses at the moment to the staff. Permitted size of hand luggage at Vienna International Airport is 55x40x23cm and strict security restrictions apply. You will find the exact rules at the information signs at the airport.

Passport control: Schengen vs. non-Schengen countries

Passport control depends on the country you are travelling to. Most (but not all) European Union member countries (plus some non-EU-members) have signed the Schengen Treaty that eliminated passport controls when travelling within the Schengen area. If you are not sure, here you can find the list of Schengen countries. Flights to Schengen countries are without passport control and depart from gates marked with letter B or C. Flights to non-Schengen countries depart from gates marked with the letter A and in some cases also from gates marked with C. Gates marked with A have a central passport control point on the way to the gates. When departing to non-Schengen country from gates marked with C, the passport will be checked at the gate desk.