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Hotels in Vienna Inner City: Best Locations

Vienna Inner City The Inner City (Innere Stadt in German) is the first district of Vienna and the very centre with the highest concentration of landmarks, palaces, and luxury hotels. Everything within and along the Ringstrasse (the circle street running around the Inner City) is considered Vienna Inner City. Hotels in Vienna Inner City Search [more…]

Hotels near Vienna Meidling Train Station

Wien Meidling Train Station While the new Viennese main train station is being constructed, many long-distance trains have been redirected to the Train Station Wien Meidling instead of the Südbahnhof. If you need to find a hotel in Vienna, consider booking one close to Meidling Station, which offers excellent connections to all parts of Vienna [more…]

Hotels at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat

Vienna International Airport accommodation Vienna International Airport is the busiest airport in Austria and an important air traffic hub used by people from big part of Central and Eastern Europe. The airport is located near the city of Schwechat about 15 km to the south-east from Vienna city centre. Hotels directly at Vienna Schwechat Airport [more…]

When Is the Best Time to Visit Vienna?

Come multiple times Though weather in Vienna is more convenient in some times of the year than in others, in terms of other factors every season has something unique to offer. Going to Vienna multiple times to try them all is probably the best solution. Spring in Vienna There are many parks and flowers in [more…]

Climate & Weather in Vienna

Climate Vienna is located at 48°12 ‘ N and 16°22 ‘ E. The centre of Vienna has an altitude of 171 metres; various places in Vienna are in the range from 151 to 524 metres. Officially, the climate in Vienna is classified as humid continental. Austria is a landlocked country and Vienna is situated near [more…]

How to Get from Westbahnhof to Karlsplatz

Westbahnhof and Karlsplatz Locations Westbahnhof (West Train Station) is located at Europaplatz in the western part of Vienna. It is directly on the Gürtel, close to its intersection with Mariahilfer Strasse. Karlsplatz (Charles Square) is a big square on the southern edge of Vienna Inner City, not far from Vienna State Opera. Its characteristic landmark [more…]

How to Get from Westbahnhof to Schönbrunn

Westbahnhof and Schönbrunn Locations Westbahnhof is one of the biggest railway stations in Vienna. It is located in the western part of Vienna city centre, at the place where Mariahilfer Strasse (the big shopping street) crosses the Gürtel. Schönbrunn Palace is one of the top landmarks in Vienna (in the unlikely case that you don’t [more…]

How to Get from Westbahnhof to Praterstern

Westbahnhof and Praterstern Locations and Connections Westbahnhof and Praterstern are two of the big railway stations in Vienna. As their names suggest, Westbahnhof is located in the western part of the city (at the crossing of the Gürtel and Mariahilfer Strasse) and Praterstern is located next to the entrance to Prater Amusement Park, which is [more…]