Getting from Vienna Centre to Schwechat Airport

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City Airport Train (CAT)

There are two competing train services between the city and the airport. City Airport Train or CAT service, operated by the airport company, is faster (takes 16 minutes), but more expensive (EUR 9 for one way, EUR 16 for return ticket). The CAT leaves from Wien-Mitte station, easily accessible by multiple metro, tram, and bus lines.

If you are departing in a Star Alliance flight, or the low cost flights of Fly Niki or Air Berlin, you may have your baggage checked in at the CAT terminal at Wien Mitte (this is not possible for flight to the US due to security measures).


S-Bahn is slightly slower, but also cheaper compared to the CAT. The advantage is that it is a part of the integrated Vienna public transport system and the day passes are valid in these trains. Just don’t forget to buy an additional one way ticket for the zone outside the reach of the day pass (costs EUR 1.80 one way).

Bus (Vienna Airport Lines)

Direct bus lines operated by Vienna Airport Lines leave from Morzinplatz (next to Schwedenplatz), Südbahnhof, or Westbahnhof. It takes about half an hour to get to the airport. Day pass is not valid in these buses and tickets are sold by the bus driver. One way ticket costs EUR 6, return ticket costs EUR 11.


Depending on where you go from, a taxi could be faster than the other means of transport. From the city centre with good metro and S-Bahn coverage it probably isn’t and traffic jams are a risk. It is obviously more expensive, but the price including tip should fit below EUR 50. Taxi prices are to be negotiated before you get in. You can save money by pre-ordering the taxi.

Hotel shuttle service

Depending on the hotel you stay in, you might have the option of shuttle service. The price is usually lower than for a taxi. The downside is that there might be more people sharing the car.

Driving to the airport

If you decide to go to the airport by a car, take enough time. Though Vienna traffic situation is usually better than in most cities of comparable size, anything can happen and traffic jams do happen. The airport is located next to the A4 highway (Ostautobahn). Follow the signs for Budapest and Schwechat.

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