How to Get from Westbahnhof to Schönbrunn

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Westbahnhof and Schönbrunn Locations

Westbahnhof is one of the biggest railway stations in Vienna. It is located in the western part of Vienna city centre, at the place where Mariahilfer Strasse (the big shopping street) crosses the Gürtel.

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the top landmarks in Vienna (in the unlikely case that you don’t know what it is – a beautiful palace with an even more beautiful and huge garden/park and many attractions). It is located away from Vienna city centre, but not that far from Westbahnhof (it is in the south-western part of the greater Vienna).


It would be perfectly possible to walk from Westbahnhof to Schönbrunn, as each is on one end of the outer Mariahilfer Strasse. Nevertheless, it would take at least 25-30 minutes by walk.

U-Bahn (Recommended)

The easiest way is to take the U-Bahn (metro). You will have to change trains once.

From Westbahnhof, take U-Bahn line U6 in direction to Siebenhirten. After two stops you arrive at Längenfeldgasse, which is the interchange of lines U4 and U6. Transfer to line U4 in direction to Hütteldorf.

Now you can actually get off the metro on two stations – either Schönbrunn (2 stops from Längenfeldgasse) or Hietzing (3 stops). Each of these stations is in one corner of the Schönbrunn Park and the main entrance to the palace is approximately halfway between the two.


An alternative kind of transport between Westbahnhof and Schönbrunn is tram. There is direct tram connection between the two (the trams go all the way through the outer Mariahilfer Strasse). The tram is approximately as fast as the U-Bahn, although the U-Bahn may be easier to navigate for a visitor.