U-Bahn Line U6: Floridsdorf – Siebenhirten

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Metro line U6 basic facts, schedule, and intervals

Line U6 is the longest of the five metro lines in Vienna. It goes approximately in the north-south direction, located to the west of the Inner City. U6 is the only U-Bahn line in Vienna which doesn’t go through the Inner City.

Its number is 6, though line 5 is not in operation yet. For navigation in Vienna U-Bahn system line U6 has the brown colour.

Like other U-Bahn lines, U6 operates approximately from 5 am to short after midnight every day. The intervals between trains range between 2 minutes in rush hours to 10 minutes in late evening.

Some trains end at Alterlaa

The line U6 extends to suburbs far in the south (Erlaa, Siebenhirten). The traffic is not so dense in the southernmost section, therefore every second train ends and starts at the station Alterlaa in rush hours. This makes U6 the only line in Viennese metro, where all trains don’t go along the whole line.

Stations on metro line U6

  • Floridsdorf
  • Neue Donau
  • Handelskai
  • Dresdner Strasse
  • Jägerstrasse
  • Spittelau – crossing with line U4; Bahnhof Wien Spittelau – S-Bahn and regional trains
  • Nussdorfer Strasse
  • Währinger Strasse – Volksoper
  • Michelbeuern – AKH (Allgemeines Krankenhaus, hospital)
  • Alser Strasse
  • Josefstädter Strasse
  • Thaliastrasse
  • Burggasse – Stadthalle
  • Westbahnhof – means West Train Station in German; crossing with line U3 and one of the biggest train stations in Vienna
  • Gumpendorfer Strasse
  • Längenfeldgasse – crossing with line U4, a busy station
  • Niederhofstrasse
  • Philadelphiabrücke – Meidling Train Station (Bahnhof Wien Meidling)
  • Tscherttegasse
  • Am Schöpfwerk
  • Alterlaa – in rush hours every second train end and starts here
  • Erlaaer Strasse
  • Perfektastrasse
  • Siebenhirten

Metro line U6 history

The central part of line U6 was built on the original viaduct used for Stadtbahn, the old city railway dating back to 1898. Many stations on U6 were left in their original design, the characteristic Viennese Jugendstil by architect Otto Wagner. This fact, together with the elevation of the viaduct, make U6 a nice panoramatic metro line.

The line was extended on both ends in the 1990s. The underground section between Längenfeldgasse and Philadelphiabrücke was opened in 1989. The southermost section from Philadelphiabrücke to Siebenhirten, which was built based on the previous express tram track from the 1970s, was opened in 1995. The northern section from Spittelau to Floridsdorf started operating in 1996.