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Vienna Hietzing Station on U-Bahn line U4

Hietzing Metro Station is located at the north-west corner of Schönbrunn Park, at the border of Vienna’s 13th and 14th district (Hietzing and Penzing). Major streets near Hietzing Station are Hadikgasse, Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse, Hietzinger Hauptstrasse, and Hietzinger Kai.

Hotels near Wien Hietzing Station and Schönbrunn

Although Schönbrunn is one of the best known landmarks of Vienna, this part of the city is not among the typical hotel districts or places to stay in Vienna. The number of hotels near Hietzing Station and Schönbrunn is limited. However, there are several good hotels immediately next to Hietzing U4 Station and the north-western gate to Schönbrunn Gardens. Most hotels in Hietzing are 3 star or 4 star hotels and room rates are often a bit lower compared to Vienna Inner City.

Other hotel locations near Hietzing U4 Station

Schönbrunn and Meidling hotels

There are also several hotels on the other side of Schönbrunn Park in the district of Meidling. The U-Bahn stations are Schönbrunn (the station closest to Schönbrunn Palace main entrance), Niederhofstrasse, Längenfeldgasse, and Philadelphiabrücke (the U-Bahn stop at Wien Meidling Train Station).

Hotels in Vienna city centre

Good hotel areas closer to Vienna city centre (on the way from Hietzing and Schönbrunn to the Inner City) are Westbahnhof (West Train Station), Mariahilfer Strasse, or MuseumsQuartier. The most popular tourist and hotel district in Vienna is of course Innere Stadt (Inner City).

Vienna Hietzing Station hotel booking

Due to the limited accommodation capacities in Hietzing and Schönbrunn, it is strongly recommended to book hotels well in advance. Many hotels in Vienna are often fully booked, particularly in the summer season and around various holidays and events during the year.