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Philadelphiabrücke U6 Station = Bahnhof Wien Meidling

Many people get confused by the name of this station. Philadelphiabrücke is the U-Bahn (metro) station at Vienna Meidling Train Station (Bahnhof Wien Meidling). While Philadelphiabrücke is the name used for the metro station, Wien-Meidling is the railway station’s name. But they are both at the same place, at the big junction of Eichenstrasse, Edelsinnstrasse, Wilhelmstrasse, and Brunner/Breitenfurter Strasse in Vienna’s 12th district, Meidling. It is a pleasant, mostly residential district, close to Schönbrunn Palace and Park.

Public transport connections at Philadelphiabrücke Station

Philadelphiabrücke/Wien-Meidling Station has access to S-Bahn, U-Bahn line U6, Lokalbahn (Wien-Baden), and several tram and bus lines.

Hotels near Philadelphiabrücke U6 Station

There are several good hotels close to Philadelphiabrücke Station. Their concentration is considerably lower compared to Vienna Inner City, but Meidling district and the surroundings of Schönbrunn Palace have their benefits as hotel locations (primarily less noise, lots of trees and parks, and often lower hotel prices compared to the centre). Thanks to the excellent public transport at Meidling Station, you can get to the inner city in 10-15 minutes. Here you can read more details about hotels near Vienna Meidling (Philadelphiabrücke) Station.