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Vienna 12th district: Wien Meidling

The 12th district of Vienna, Meidling, is a beautiful and peaceful place. It is mostly residential and you will also find it very green. Meidling’s distance from the Inner City is enough to make it feel stress-free, but not too big to present a hindrance in transportation convenience. Meidling district has excellent public transport connections to the city centre: 2 U-Bahn (metro) lines, S-Bahn, Lokalbahn (which is something between a tram and a light train), and numerous buses. The main public transport junction for the whole district is Bahnhof Wien Meidling (its U-Bahn station is known as Philadelphiabrücke).

Schönbrunn and hotels in Meidling

Though one of Vienna’s top landmarks, the Schönbrunn Palace, is located literally at the border of Meidling district, outside the Schönbrunn Palace Meidling is almost tourism-free. Therefore it also has limited accommodation facilities. There are several good hotels in Wien Meidling, many of them in the area between Schönbrunn Palace and Meidling Train Station. For many people Meidling can be a wise choice as a hotel location, thanks to its tranquillity, public transport access, and – compared to the Inner City – often lower room rates. On the other hand, you may have problems finding vacant rooms in peak tourist periods or around holidays. Keep in mind that the number of hotels is limited in Meidling and book early.