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Hotels near Vienna MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art)

Book a hotel close to MUMOK in Vienna You can sort or filter the hotels by price, amount of stars, guest review rating, or location (e.g. distance from MUMOK and Museum Quarter): Search hotels near MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst) now Search all Vienna hotels MUseum MOderner Kunst (Museum of Modern Art) in Vienna The full [more…]

Hotels near Burggasse U6 Station in Vienna

Book a hotel near Burggasse-Stadthalle Station now Search hotels close to Burggasse U-Bahn Station now Search all Vienna hotels (you can sort or filter the hotels by room rate, stars, guest review rating, or distance from Burggasse U-Bahn Station) Vienna Burggasse-Stadthalle U6 Station Burggasse-Stadthalle Station is situated at Urban-Loritz-Platz on the Gürtel in the western [more…]

Hotels near Thaliastrasse U6 Station in Vienna

Book a hotel near Thaliastrasse Station now You can filter or sort the hotels by various criteria, including room rate, stars, guest review rating score, or distance from Thaliastrasse Station: Search hotels close to Thaliastrasse U6 Station now Search all Vienna hotels Vienna Thaliastrasse U-Bahn Station Thaliastrasse Station is located on the Gürtel at the [more…]

Hotels close to Museum Quarter in Vienna

MuseumsQuartier (Museum Quarter) in Vienna Search hotels near Museum Quarter now Vienna museums district, known as MuseumsQuartier (Museum Quarter) or just MQ, is one of the most popular cultural venues, tourist attractions, and hotel locations in Vienna. It is located across the street from Maria-Theresien-Platz at the south-western edge of Innere Stadt (Inner City, 1st [more…]

Hotels near Neubaugasse U3 Station in Vienna

Vienna Neubaugasse Station Neubaugasse U3 Station is located at Mariahilfer Strasse, about halfway between Westbahnhof and Museumsquartier. Other streets closer to Neubaugasse Station are Amerlingstrasse, Esterhazygasse, and Gumpendorfer Strasse. The station is only 3-4 minutes walk from the neighbouring U3 station, Zieglergasse. Hotels close to Neubaugasse Station Mariahilfer Strasse it the famous shopping street and [more…]

Hotels near Zieglergasse U3 Station in Vienna

Wien Zieglergasse Station and Mariahilfer Strasse Zieglergasse Station is located in the central section of Mariahilfer Strasse in Vienna, between Westbahnhof Station and Neubaugasse Station. Mariahilfer Strasse is the traditional shopping street, which runs from the Inner City to Westbahnhof and beyond. Hotels close to Zieglergasse Station Mariahilfer Strasse is a very popular hotel location [more…]

Hotels near Museumsquartier U2 Station in Vienna

Booking Vienna Museumsquartier Station hotels Search hotels close to Museumsquartier Station now Search all Vienna hotels Numerous parameters for sorting and filtering the hotel search results are available. You can sort the hotels by distance from Museumsquartier Station, price, number of stars, or guest review rating. Museumsquartier U2 Station in Vienna Museumsquartier U2 metro station [more…]

Hotels near Volkstheater Station (U2, U3)

Volkstheater Station in Vienna Volkstheater Station is the interchange between U-Bahn lines U2 and U3. The station is situated next to Volkstheater, at the intersection of Museumstrasse, Museumsplatz, Burggasse, and Neustiftgasse in Vienna Inner City. There are many tourist attractions and cultural venues near Volkstheater Station, including Maria-Theresien-Platz and MuseumsQuartier with many museums, the building [more…]

Hotels near Westbahnhof Station (U3, U6)

Westbahnhof U3/U6 Station in Vienna Westbahnhof is a metro (U-Bahn) station in the western part of Vienna city centre, covered by two metro lines: U3 and U6. It is also one of Vienna’s most important railway stations. Westbanhof Train Station is the beginning of the so called Westbahn (West Railway), connecting Vienna with many cities [more…]

Vienna Westbahnhof Hotels

Hotels near Wien Westbahnhof Train Station Wien Westbahnhof, which means West Train Station in German, is one of the largest railway stations in Vienna. If you are coming by train from Germany, Switzerland, or other places west of Vienna, you are most likely to arrive at Wien Westbahnhof. The area near this train station is [more…]