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Hotels near Vienna MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art)

Book a hotel close to MUMOK in Vienna You can sort or filter the hotels by price, amount of stars, guest review rating, or location (e.g. distance from MUMOK and Museum Quarter): Search hotels near MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst) now Search all Vienna hotels MUseum MOderner Kunst (Museum of Modern Art) in Vienna The full [more…]

Profile of Cy Twombly, Modern Artist

Who is Cy Twombly Edwin Parker Twombly Jr., or Cy Twombly exhibits his work in the Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK) in Vienna this summer (from 4 June to 11 October 2009). He is an American modern visual artist, photographer, and painter. During his life he has tried various kinds of styles and often combined [more…]

Cy Twombly in Museum of Modern Art

Cy Twombly As one of the many attractions Vienna is offering this summer, Cy Twombly’s exhibition takes place from 4 June to 11 October 2009 in the Museum of Modern Art (Museum Moderner Kunst, or MUMOK in short). It is the first time Twombly’s work is being exhibited in Austria. Cy Twombly, born in 1928 [more…]