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Hotels near Wien Westbahnhof Train Station

Wien Westbahnhof, which means West Train Station in German, is one of the largest railway stations in Vienna. If you are coming by train from Germany, Switzerland, or other places west of Vienna, you are most likely to arrive at Wien Westbahnhof. The area near this train station is also a perfect place to stay – there are several good hotels of all price categories near Westbahnhof.

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Vienna Westbahnhof hotels – the closest to the station

There are a few hotels within 3 minutes walk (literally across the street) from Westbahnhof Train Station. Among the best quality for price paid is InterCityHotel Wien around the corner from Westbahnhof (in Mariahilfer Strasse) – a 4 star hotel, which also offers free public transport passes for the whole duration of your stay. Another popular 4 star Westbahnhof hotel is Fleming’s Hotel Wien Westbahnhof, opened in 2007.

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Vienna Westbahnhof hotels: Stay close to the Inner City

Wien Westbahnhof Train Station has a strategic location and excellent public transport coverage (two metro lines, trams, and buses). Westbahnhof, as its name suggests, is located in the western part of Vienna’s city centre and directly connected with the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) by the famous shopping street, Mariahilfer Strasse.

Mariahilfer Strasse hotels

Mariahilfer Strasse itself is the prestigious address of some of the long-established and best quality hotels in Vienna. If you like shopping or if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Viennese life, pick a hotel here.