Burgring and Burggarten Fence

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Burgring is a street in Vienna Inner City, stretching between Maria-Theresien-Platz and Vienna State Opera. It is a part of the Ringstrasse (Ring Street), the street that makes a circle around the Inner City. Each section of the Ringstrasse has its own name, typically after a nearby landmark or important place. Burgring is named after Hofburg, the Imperial Palace, the past seat of Austrian Emperors and currently the office of the Austrian President.

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Burgring and Burggarten Fence


Burggarten is a large park next to Burgring. Like the street, Burggarten is also named after the Imperial Palace – it is in fact the garden of the palace, but nowadays it is mainly a place of relaxation for locals and tourists alike. There are several statues in Burggarten, the best-known are the statue of Mozart and the statue of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Burggarten fence on Burgring side

The fence you can see on the picture divides Burgring and Burggarten. It runs along almost the whole length of Burgring. You can enter Burggarten either through the gate from Burgring, or from the other side from Albertinaplatz and Hanuschgasse (next to Palmenhaus).