Getting from Westbahnhof to Meidling Train Station

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The numerous big train stations in Vienna

At present Vienna does not have a central main train station like many cities have. As a result, it often happens that people travelling through Vienna have to transfer from one of the Viennese railway stations to another.

Westbahnhof (West Train Station)

One of the biggest train stations in Vienna is Westbahnhof (West Train Station), located immediately at the Gürtel (the circle main street around the city centre) to the west of Vienna city centre (as its name suggests). The area near Westbahnhof and the adjacent Mariahilfer Strasse is one of the most popular hotel locations in Vienna.

Westbahnhof is the terminal and starting station for many long distance trains, even for some trains heading to destinations east of Vienna. Among the destinations served by Westbahnhof are Salzburg, Zürich, Frankfurt, Munich, Budapest, Bucharest, or Beograd.

U-Bahn services at Westbahnhof

Westbahnhof is also the intersection of two U-Bahn (metro) lines, namely U3 and U6. If you want to transfer from Westbahnhof to Station Wien Meidling, take the U6 line in direction Siebenhirten or Alterlaa (not to Floridsdorf). Meidling station is only 4 stops from Westbahnhof (less than 10 minutes). Vienna metro operates daily from about 5 am to short after midnight with relatively short intervals (usually less than 10 minutes).

Philadelphiabrücke = Bahnhof Wien Meidling

The tricky part of the transfer is that the metro station at Bahnhof Meidling is not called Bahnhof Meidling as everyone would expect. The station where you must get off the U-Bahn has a lovely English-German name: Philadephiabrücke (Philadelphia Bridge). Though the voice service inside the metro train tells you that it is Bahnhof Meidling, it is quite silent and easy to miss.

Visiting Vienna city centre

In sum, unless you get lost the transfer from Westbahnhof to Meidling takes less than 20 minutes. If you have more time, you may want to make a short visit to Vienna city centre. Metro line U3 takes you quickly from Westbahnhof to the city centre (3 stops to the museums, 5 stops to Stephansdom).