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Hotels near Vienna Meidling Train Station

Wien Meidling Train Station While the new Viennese main train station is being constructed, many long-distance trains have been redirected to the Train Station Wien Meidling instead of the Südbahnhof. If you need to find a hotel in Vienna, consider booking one close to Meidling Station, which offers excellent connections to all parts of Vienna [more…]

Getting from Westbahnhof to Meidling Train Station

The numerous big train stations in Vienna At present Vienna does not have a central main train station like many cities have. As a result, it often happens that people travelling through Vienna have to transfer from one of the Viennese railway stations to another. Westbahnhof (West Train Station) One of the biggest train stations [more…]

Hotels near Philadelphiabrücke U6 Station in Vienna

Quick links: Search hotels near Philadelphiabrücke Station Search hotels close to Philadelphiabrücke (Bahnhof Wien Meidling) Search all Vienna hotels There are several sorting and filtering criteria available, such as room rate, number of stars, guest review rating score, hotel’s facilities (e.g. internet connection or parking), and distance from a place you can specify (e.g. Philadelphiabrücke [more…]

Is Wien Meidling the Same As Wien-Mitte? No, It Isn’t.

The newly important Wien Meidling Station With the ongoing construction of the future Vienna Main Train Station and closure of Südbahnhof, the railway station at Wien Meidling, which used to be virtually unknown to non-Austrians before, has become more important for many people, including those who are less familiar with Vienna and its numerous big [more…]