U-Bahn Line U1: Reumannplatz – Leopoldau

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Vienna Metro Line U1 Basic Facts

Metro line U1 runs approximately from south to north or northeast. It is more or less parallel to line U6, but unlike U6 the line U1 goes trough the central parts of the inner city, connecting Vienna State Opera, Stephansdom, and Schwedenplatz.

U1 is one of the most important means of transport between the historical centre of Vienna and the younger parts of the city north-east of the Danube. Line U1 also covers the UNO City (United Nations office complex) at the left bank of the Danube.

In Viennese U-Bahn network, line U1 has red colour.

U1 Line Schedule and Intervals

Viennese metro, including line U1, operates daily from about 5 am to short after midnight. Intervals between trains vary – they are as short as 2-3 minutes in peak hours and extend to about 10 minutes later at night.

Stations on U1

  • Leopoldau – S-Bahn hub in the north-east of Vienna
  • Grossfeldsiedlung
  • Aderklaaer Strasse
  • Rennbahnweg
  • Kagraner Platz
  • Kagran
  • Alte Donau – it means the Old Danube
  • Kaisermühlen – Vienna International Centre (United Nations Offices)
  • Donauinsel
  • Vorgartenstrasse
  • Praterstern – crossing with line U2; amusement park Prater and Praterstern Train Station
  • Nestroyplatz
  • Schwedenplatz – crossing with line U4
  • Stephansplatz – crossing with line U3; this station is situated literally under the St. Stephen’s Cathedral – you can even see an underground chapel from the station’s entrance hall
  • Karlsplatz – the biggest U-Bahn junction in Vienna, U1 crosses lines U2 and U4; Vienna State Opera; Opera Toilet with classical music in the entrance hall of the station
  • Taubstummengasse
  • Südtiroler Platz – transfer to S-Bahn network
  • Keplerplatz
  • Reumannplatz

Vienna Metro Line U1 History

The construction of metro line U1 started in 1969. The first section of U1 between Karlsplatz and Reumannplatz was opened in 1978. Four years later, trains were already in operation between Praterstern and Reumannplatz.

Though it was commonly expected that it will take long before the line U1 would be extended beyond the Danube to the newly built parts of Vienna, the construction of this section was speeded up by the collapse of the old Reichsbrücke in 1976. In September 1982, the U1 started to operate between Reumannplatz and Kagran (between Vorgartenstrasse and Kaisermühlen U1 trains run inside the rebuilt Reichsbrücke). The last section so far between Kagran and Leopoldau was opened in September 2006.

Vienna Metro Line U1 Future Extension

Southward extension of metro line U1 is currently under construction. The new section between Reumannplatz and Rothneusiedl is expected to open in 2015 and will contain six new metro stations:

  • Troststrasse
  • Altes Landgut
  • Alaudagasse
  • Stockholmer Platz
  • Oberlaaer Strasse
  • Rothneusiedl