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Hotels near Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna

Book a hotel close to Hundertwasser House now You can sort or filter the hotel search results by distance from Hundertwasserhaus, price, stars, guest review rating, and several other parameters: Search hotels near Vienna Hundertwasserhaus now Search all Vienna hotels Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna Hundertwasserhaus (Hundertwasser House) is an expressionist apartment house designed by Austrian architects [more…]

Vienna Hundertwasser Haus Pillars

Vienna Hundertwasser Haus Pillars

Hundertwasser Haus One of the most popular landmarks of Vienna is actually just a house. But Hundertwasser Haus is not an ordinary building, the kind that you’ll see in every street in every city. It is a mysterious piece of free architecture, full of colours, unusual shapes, and trees and plants growing from everywhere. The [more…]

Hundertwasser Architecture

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the author of Hundertwasser Haus Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was an Austrian painter, architect, and one of the most popular persons of Austrian modern art. He is best known as the designer of Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna-Landstrasse, which is one of the most visited sights in Austria. Hundertwasser Haus, as well as Hundertwasser himself, [more…]

How to Get to Hundertwasser Haus

Hundertwasser Haus location Hundertwasser Haus, one of the most visited sights in Vienna and all Austria, is situated in the 3rd district (Wien-Landstrasse) at the edge of Löwengasse and Kegelgasse. The coordinates of Hundertwasser Haus are 48°12′26″N 16°23′39″E (48.20722°N 16.39417°E). Walking from Landstrasse/Wien-Mitte You can get to Hundertwasser House by walking for about 10 minutes [more…]