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Vienna Heiligenstadt Train and Metro Station

Heiligenstadt is the terminal station of Vienna metro (U-Bahn) line U4 and therefore has a direct connection with many attractive places in Vienna, including Schottenring, Schwedenplatz, Landstrasse Wien-Mitte, Karlsplatz, or Schönbrunn. Besides metro terminus, Heiligenstadt is also a regional bus and train station, serving mostly commuter traffic. Major streets near Heiligenstadt Station are Boschstrasse, Muthgasse, and Heiligenstädter Strasse.

Hotels close to Heiligenstadt U4 Station

Heiligenstadt itself is not a particularly interesting district from a tourist perspective and it has very little tourist infrastructure. There are very few hotels within any reasonable distance from Heiligenstadt Station and it is usually better to seek accommodation near one of the other stations on U4 or S-Bahn.

Good hotel locations on Vienna metro line U4

It takes only about 7 minutes (4 metro stops) to get from Heiligenstadt Station to the northern end of Vienna Inner City, namely Schottenring (a section of Ringstrasse with several good 4 star or 5 star hotels and important buildings such as Vienna Stock Exchange). Other stations on line U4, which are close to Heiligenstadt and have good accommodation options, include Schwedenplatz, Landstrasse (Bahnhof Wien Mitte), and Karlsplatz (the square with Karlskirche, near Kärntner Strasse and Vienna State Opera).

Booking Vienna Heiligenstadt Station hotels

Keep in mind that there are not many hotels near Heiligenstadt Station. Accommodation capacities are very limited. Book your hotel in advance, especially when you are less flexible with dates.