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Kärntner Strasse (Kärntner Street) in Vienna

Kärntner Strasse (Kärntner Street or Carinthia Street) is one of the best known streets in Vienna Inner City. It is famous mostly thanks to its shops, restaurants, hotels, and location – it goes from St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) to Vienna State Opera and Karlsplatz. Other landmarks and important places near Kärntner Strasse include Albertina Gallery, Burggarten, and other well-known streets like Graben or Neuer Markt. Kärntner Strasse is mainly a pedestrian shopping street with very limited car traffic.

Hotels in and near Kärntner Strasse

Kärntner Strasse is one of the most traditional and most popular hotel locations in Vienna. Some of the hotels in and near Kärntner Strasse are landmarks by themselves – for example the 5 star Hotel Ambassador, a popular place to stay for artists and polititians in Kärntner Strasse, halfway between Stephansplatz and Vienna State Opera, or the 5 star Hotel Sacher Wien facing Vienna State Opera in Philharmoniker-Strasse. If your budget is lower than that of a polititian, don’t worry – there are several great and more affordable 4 star hotels directly in Kärnter Strasse (e.g. Austria Trend Hotel Europa Wien next to Ambassador or Hotel Astoria, situated in a beautiful building built in 1912).

Hotels in other places near Kärntner Strasse

If you are looking for very cheap hotels, Kärntner Strasse is not the right place. There are several good reasonably priced 3 star hotels in the streets north of Stephansdom (the other side than Kärntner Strasse, between Stephansplatz and Schwedenplatz).

For more accommodation options, you can look around some of the other U-Bahn (metro) stations near Kärntner Strasse, such as Karlsplatz, Stubentor, Stadtpark, or Landstrasse/Wien-Mitte.

For more information and tips, see the best hotel locations in Vienna Inner City.

Vienna Kärntner Strasse hotel booking

Book your hotel enough in advance. Kärntner Strasse and the Inner City are among the most popular accommodation locations in Vienna.