Wien Heiligenstadt U4

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Hotels near Heiligenstadt U4 Station in Vienna

Book a hotel near Heiligenstadt U-Bahn Station now Use the following links to search hotels near Heiligenstadt Station in Vienna or see more information below. Search hotels close to Vienna Heiligenstadt U4 Station now Search all hotels in Vienna (you can filter or sort the hotels by price, review rating, distance from a place, or [more…]

Hotels near Wien Heiligenstadt Station

Book a hotel close to Heiligenstadt Railway Station now You can sort or filter the hotels by distance from Heiligenstadt Station, as well as by price, number of stars, or guest review rating. Search hotels near Wien Heiligenstadt Train Station now Search all Vienna hotels Vienna Heiligenstadt Train Station Heiligenstadt Train Station (Bahnhof Wien Heiligenstadt) [more…]

Heiligenstadt Station on Metro Line U4 in Vienna

Heiligenstadt Station on Metro Line U4 in Vienna

U-Bahn line U4 terminal station Heiligenstadt Heiligenstadt means “town of the saints” in German. It is a part of Vienna’s 19th district, located in the north-west of the city. Heiligenstadt Station was first opened in 1898 as part of the old Stadtbahn (city railway), namely the important Wiental-Donaukanal Line. This line was later tranformed to [more…]