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Graben Street in Vienna Inner City

Graben is one of the best known streets in Vienna Inner City and the most typical tourist path from the Imperial Palace Hofburg to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Graben starts at the intersection with Kohlmarkt and Tuchlauben, just about 3 minutes walk from Hofburg. Then it runs in the south-east direction and ends at Stephansplatz, which is also the closest U-Bahn station to Graben.

Hotels close to Vienna Graben Street

You won’t find many hotels on Graben directly, but there are many accommodation options in the side streets (e.g. Habsburgergasse) and many hotels around Stephansplatz and in Kärntner Strasse, which meets Graben at Stephansplatz. Another popular hotel area about 2 minutes from Graben is Neuer Markt (parallel to Kärntner Strasse). Most hotels near Graben Street are 4 star hotels, but you will also find several 3 star and 5 star hotels.

Other hotel locations near Graben

Graben is located in the middle of Innere Stadt – the first district of Vienna and the centre of its tourism with the highest concentration of hotels. Other popular hotel locations in Vienna Inner City are the streets around Rathausplatz (the square between Burgtheater and Vienna City Hall), Schottenring (the northern part of Innere Stadt), Vienna State Opera (a short walk from Graben in Kärntner Strasse), or Schwedenplatz (there are many hotels in the streets between Stephansplatz – the end of Graben – and Schwedenplatz, which is at the north-eastern border of Innere Stadt).

Vienna Graben hotel booking

Accommodation demand in Vienna Inner City is at its highest in summer, before and around Christmas, and around several other holidays and events during the year. It is always better to book your hotel well in advance, especially when you are not flexible with dates.