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Search hotels near Donauturm (Danube Tower) using the links below. You can filter or sort the hotels by price, review rating, distance from Donauturm, and several other criteria:

Donauturm (Danube Tower) in Vienna

Donauturm (Danube Tower) is the tallest structure in Vienna (252 metres) and one of the most popular tourist attractions. It provides an amazing view of the city and its surroundings. Besides the observation deck, there are two restaurants on the Donauturm and during the high season, there is also a bungee jumping ramp in operation. Donauturm is located in Donaupark on the left bank of the Danube River, just a short walk from Vienna International Centre (UNO City). U-Bahn (metro) stations close to Donauturm are Kaiserm├╝hlen/VIC (line U1), Alte Donau (line U1), and Neue Donau (line U6).

Hotels close to Donauturm

Hotels close to Donauturm can be found mostly around Vienna International Center, in and near Wagramer Strasse on metro line U1. Though this location is outside Vienna city centre, the connections to the Inner City are fast and reliable. Most hotels near Donauturm have 3 or 4 stars and room rates are close to the average in Vienna.

Other hotel locations near Danube Tower

More hotels are available on the other side of the river (closer to the Inner City), especially near Praterstern, which is one of Vienna’s largest train stations and a metro junction. Praterstern is very close to Prater Park (the amusement park with the Giant Ferris Wheel) and Messe Wien (Vienna’s primary convention centre).

Vienna Donauturm hotel booking

Accommodation capacities near Donauturm are very limited and hotel can be fully booked on various occasions (e.g. events and conferences at Vienna International Center). It is always recommended to book accommodation well in advance, particularly when you are not flexible with dates.