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Vienna Kaisermühlen U1 Station

Kaisermühlen (VIC) is the metro station closest to Vienna International Center and United Nations offices. It is situated on the eastern side of UNO City, near the crossing of Wagramer Strasse (the main street) with Schüttaustrasse, and shortly after the metro has crossed the Danube river on the Reichsbrücke. Neighbouring stations on U-Bahn line U1 are Donauinsel and Alte Donau.

Kaisermühlen (district)

Kaisermühlen is the area at the border of today’s Floridsdorf and Donaustadt (21st and 22nd district of Vienna) – the majority of Kaisermühlen surface area belongs to Donaustadt. Occupying the shore of the Danube river, Kaisermühlen derives its name from Imperial Mills, the main function of the area in the past.

In these days Kaisermühlen is mostly known as the location of UNO City, Vienna International Center, and Austria Center (the modern office and convention complex), but also as a leisure and recreation place (mainly the Donaupark and the shores of the Danube and Alte Donau).

Hotels near Kaisermühlen and Vienna International Centre

There are considerably fewer hotels in Kaisermühlen than in Vienna city centre, which is several U-Bahn stops away. You will find several good hotels in Wagramer Strasse, a short walk from Kaisermühlen-VIC Station. These are mostly 4 star hotels. More hotels are situated around Alte Donau, the next station on U1.

Hotels on U1 between Kaisermühlen and Vienna Inner City

Kaisermühlen and Vienna International Center are quite far from Vienna Inner City. If you want to stay close to both the tourist attractions in the centre and Kaisermühlen/VIC, there are several good locations with fast direct metro connection to either and many hotels to choose from. The best of these locations is Praterstern, a busy train and metro station next to the entrance to Prater Amusement Park. Praterstern is 3 stops from Kaisermühlen-VIC and 2-3 stops from Vienna Inner City. There are also many good hotels around the next station after Praterstern, Nestroyplatz Station.

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