How to Get to Mariahilfer Strasse in Vienna

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Mariahilfer Strasse location

Mariahilfer Strasse runs from the Inner City (the Imperial Palace Hofburg and MuseumsQuartier) to Westbahnhof (West Train Station) and beyond to the west-southwestern parts of Vienna. Westbahnhof and the Gürtel Street divide Mariahilfer Strasse in two sections: Innere Mariahilfer Strasse (closer to the city centre) and Äussere Mariahilfer Strasse (beyond Westbahnhof).

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Getting to Mariahilfer Strasse by public transport

As one of the busiest and most important places in Vienna, Mariahilfer Strasse has outstanding public transport coverage. Nevertheless, is a very long street and when you want to get to Mariahilfer Strasse by public transport, you should first know where in Mariahilfer Strasse your destination is located in order to pick the right metro station or bus stop to get off.

Innere Mariahilfer Strasse: metro and buses

The inner section of Mariahilfer Strasse between MuseumsQuartier and Westbahnhof (Innere Mariahilfer Strasse) is well covered by metro (U-Bahn). There are four metro stations along Innere Mariahilfer Strasse (sorted by location from the city centre towards Westbahnhof):

  • MuseumsQuartier (U-Bahn line U2);
  • Neubaugasse (U3);
  • Zieglergasse (U3);
  • Westbahnhof (U3 and U6).

There are also several bus lines serving various places along Innere Mariahilfer Strasse (buses can be slow during the peak hours though). The metro in Vienna operates daily from about 5 am to midnight. At night Mariahilfer Strasse is well-served by night buses.

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Äussere Mariahilfer Strasse: trams and buses

There aren’t any U-Bahn stations in the outer section of Mariahilfer Strasse between Westbahnhof and Auer-Welsbach-Park. Exit the metro at Westbahnhof and continue by tram or bus if you are going to a destination further to the south-west. Westbahnhof is also the place where Mariahilfer Strasse is connected to the S-Bahn (urban train) network and the place where you may arrive when travelling from Vienna International Airport.

Driving in Mariahilfer Strasse

In general, cars are not very welcome in Mariahilfer Strasse. Driving a car in Innere Mariahilfer Strasse is very difficult (congestions are frequent) and prohibited on some occasions (e.g. Saturdays in the peak shopping period before Christmas). If you can, consider leaving your car outside the city centre and use the excellent Viennese public transport to get to Innere Mariahilfer Strasse.