From Vienna Airport to City Centre by Train

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City Airport Train (CAT)

City Airport Train or CAT service is operated by the airport company. The advantage of this fact is that from the moment you get off the aircraft there are advertisements and signs leading you to the CAT station. A ride to the Wien-Mitte station (one of the busiest train and metro stations right in the centre) costs EUR 9 (EUR 16 for return ticket) and takes 16 minutes. It is the fastest way to get to the centre right to one of the metro hubs.


If you are not in a great hurry, you may prefer the S-Bahn. Thought these trains are not owned by the airport itself and not advertised in the airport buildings, it is easy to find the station by simply following the CAT signs, as the trains leave from the same station. Direct S-Bahn lines to and from the airport are S2 and S7.

S-Bahn stands for Schnellbahn, which means Fast Train, but it is actually several minutes slower then the City Airport Train. However, the price is significantly lower compared to the CAT. One way ticket costs EUR 3.60 and you may also use it in the metro, trams, and buses for one hour. It is not possible to save money by buying a return ticket (two ways would cost EUR 7.20). Nevertheless, S-Bahn is a part of Vienna public transport system and if you are planning to buy a pass for Vienna public transport (24 hours cost EUR 5.70, 48 hours cost EUR 10, and 72 hours cost EUR 13.60), buy it right at the airport and then you only need to buy a single ticket for the additional zone for EUR 1.80 (Schwechat Airport is outside the inner city zone). It is important to mark the ticket to validate it before you enter the paid area (the machines to do this are only at station entry and not in the trains).