Fountain in Vienna Schönbrunn Park

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Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the best known landmarks of Vienna. It is located in a peaceful part of the city, away from the centre, though still close enough to make Schönbrunn a favourite hotel location for many people.

Fountain in Vienna Schönbrunn Park

Schönbrunn Park

Schönbrunn Palace itself is surrounded by a huge park, frequented by locals as well as tourists. Schönbrunn Park is a very diverse place. In the areas closest to the palace you will see perfectly arranged gardens with flowers of all colours. From the palace you can go straight ahead towards the Neptune Fountain and climb a small hill to the Gloriette, which provides a wonderful view of Schönbrunn and whole Vienna.

Fountains and Roman ruins in Schönbrunn Park

If you walk to one of the sides, you will get under higher trees and come across many different fountains and even Roman ruins. They are fake – they are there because the Austrian Emperors who used to live in Schönbrunn apparently admired Ancient Rome and wanted to seem as powerful and glorious as Roman Emperors once were. In other parts of the Schönbrunn Park you will find a real Tirol house, Viennese Zoo, and several other attractions. Here you can read more about things to do in Schönbrunn Park.