Flowers in Schönbrunn Gardens, Vienna

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Schönbrunn Palace and Schönbrunn Gardens

Schönbrunn Palace, the place where some of the most powerful Austrian emperors lived, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna today. Visitors come not only to see the building of the Schönbrunn Palace itself and walk through the Imperial chambres, but also to take a walk in the huge Schönbrunn Park and see the famous Schönbrunn Gardens.

Flowers in Schönbrunn Gardens, Vienna

Flowers in Schönbrunn Gardens

Although the Schönbrunn Park is really large and must be quite difficult to take care of, it is being kept in prefect condition. Flowers of various colours are designed to form a wide range of shapes and probably not a single flower grows in a direction other than intended. The flowers are best to be observed from the hill where the Gloriette is located.

How to get from Schönbrunn Palace to Gloriette

It is an uphill, though pleasant walk from the Palace, which takes about 20-30 minutes. If you don’t want to walk, there is a little tourist train which takes you from Schönbrunn Palace to the Gloriette and lets you see different parts of the park on the way. Spring and summer are obviously the best times to visit Schönbrunn Park, but the other seasons provide spectacular views as well – for example the autumn, when trees get a range of colours as well.