Should I Come to Vienna in the Autumn?

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Vienna is incredible in summer

The summer has passed quickly and though you were planning that this year you will make it to Vienna for a couple of days, the time seems to have run out. And believe me, Vienna is incredible in summer. Imagine walking in the perfectly organized parks in Schönbrunn or Belvedere Palace, watching the flowers, sculptures, and fountains. Or what about relaxing on the Donauinsel or crazy rides in the Prater? Or the Rathaus Film Festival… Unfortunately, the fact that Vienna is (was) so wonderful in summer seems to be of little use in September.

Should I wait or should I go…

If you have not found the time to visit the Austrian capital during the summer months, you may now wonder if it makes any sense to go to Vienna in the autumn. Or should you wait until the Christmas markets begin and the city centre gets the renowned charming atmosphere?

What to do in Vienna in the autumn

The parks are still a good choice in the early autumn. In this part of the year you will see completely different, but also very beautiful sceneries there, as the leaves on the trees get a whole scale of different colours. In case you won’t be lucky and will encounter mostly rain during your visit to Vienna, don’t worry – there are many indoor attractions in the city, for example the numerous museums or the Stephansdom, to name just the most popular ones.

The weather in Vienna in the autumn

The weather is most likely the biggest concern when considering a visit to Vienna in the autumn. Regarding temperatures, Vienna has quite mild climate and in the autumn (until October at least) it still feels relatively pleasant to walk around in the afternoon. On some days Vienna can suffer from strong wind though. Rain is also quite common. Nevertheless, to many people walking in the city centre may actually feel better in the autumn compared to the hot summer days. Overall, if you can tolerate the occasional rain or wind, don’t be afraid of Viennese weather in the autumn (besides, the museums are still there).

In sum, Vienna is good to visit any time of the year and the autumn is no exception.