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How to Get from Westbahnhof to Praterstern

Westbahnhof and Praterstern Locations and Connections Westbahnhof and Praterstern are two of the big railway stations in Vienna. As their names suggest, Westbahnhof is located in the western part of the city (at the crossing of the G├╝rtel and Mariahilfer Strasse) and Praterstern is located next to the entrance to Prater Amusement Park, which is [more…]

Hotels near Praterstern Station (U1, U2, S-Bahn)

Book a hotel near Praterstern Station now You can sort or filter the hotels by price, stars, review rating, or distance from Praterstern Station: Search hotels close to Praterstern Station now Search all Vienna hotels Praterstern U-Bahn and S-Bahn Station in Vienna Praterstern Station is one of the most important public transport hubs in Vienna. [more…]

Hotels near Wien Praterstern Train Station

Book a hotel near Vienna Praterstern Train Station now Search hotels close to Wien-Praterstern Station now Search all hotels in Vienna (you can filter or sort the hotels by location, room rate, number of stars, or guest review rating) Bahnhof Wien Praterstern location Bahnhof Wien Praterstern is one of the biggest train stations in Vienna. [more…]

Praterstern Station in Vienna

Train stations in Vienna Though the future main train station (Hauptbahnhof) is already under construction, at present Vienna does not have any single station that would be considered the most important. This role and also the rail traffic are shared by several stations. The biggest one in the north-eastern part of Vienna is Praterstern Station. [more…]