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Vienna City Marathon: History and Past Winners

History of marathon running in brief Marathon runs got their name after the Greek soldier Pheidippides, who ran to Athens to deliver the message about the Greek victory over the Persians in the Battle of Marathon. The accuracy of this legend is doubted, but this fact does not prevent marathon running from becoming a popular [more…]

7 Reasons for Running Vienna City Marathon

Why run a marathon in Vienna? Regardless if you are a top class runner or a marathon tourist, there is a plenty of reasons why you will enjoy running the Vienna City Marathon. Let’s see some of them. Reason 1: Fast and flat course Fast and flat course and broad boulevards promise a good chance [more…]

Vienna City Marathon 2010 Info

Date and time of Vienna City Marathon 2010 The 27th Vienna City Marathon takes place on Sunday 18 April 2010. Vienna Half-Marathon and other races will be accompanying the marathon on the same day. Marathon and half marathon will start simultaneously at 9:00 at the Vienna International Centre. The organizers expect up to 30,000 visitors [more…]

Vienna City Marathon Race Course Profile

The fast flat course: attack your personal best Do you know why the current world marathon record was not set in Vienna? Well, it might be because Haile Gebrselassie chose Berlin instead. The profile of Vienna City Marathon is quite similar to that of the legendary Berlin race. Thanks to the glorious history of Vienna [more…]