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This page covers hotels near Vienna, but outside the city itself. The towns and places I have listed below generally meet 3 criteria:

  1. There are at least several good hotels or accommodation facilities.
  2. There are good road and public transport connections between the town and Vienna.
  3. The location is somehow interesting by itself (often it’s a small beautiful historical town).

If you are looking for a hotel directly in the centre of Vienna, see Hotels in Vienna Inner City – Best Locations, or search hotels directly here.

Hotels near Vienna in the South

The region south of Vienna is peaceful and beautiful, as the land starts to slowly rise towards the Alps. There are several medium-sized historical towns with good accommodation options and excellent transportation options – both public transport and highways (especially highway A2 Vienna – Graz). The best towns with hotels near Vienna in the south include the following:


Location: 25km to the south from Vienna, directly on A2 Autobahn to Graz

Baden is a lovely spa town (as the name suggests). There is a frequent tram service (named Lokalbahn) between Baden and the very centre of Vienna (it ends in front of the State Opera). S-Bahn line S9 also stops in Baden.

Wiener Neustadt

Location: 45km to the south from Vienna, directly on A2

Although the name means “Viennese New Town”, the town is very old. There are several monuments dating back to the 13th century. There are frequent train connections between Wiener Neustadt and Vienna (S-Bahn lines S6 and S9).


Location: 35km to the south-southwest from Vienna, A3 Autobahn

Eisenstadt is the capital of Burgenland (one of the 9 regions of Austria). It is situated near Neusiedler See and the Hungarian border. Eisenstadt has frequent bus and train connections to Vienna, although it is already outside the S-Bahn network. However, the number of hotels is lower.

Hotels near Vienna in the West

The area near Vienna in the west is as beautiful as the south, especially near the Danube. There are several nice towns with hotels and good connections to Vienna, including the following:


Location: 7km from the edge of Vienna, 11km from Vienna Inner City; take Heiligenstädter Strasse, which then becomes Klosterneuburger Strasse

Klosterneuburg is a historical town on the Danube, separated from Vienna only by Kahlenberg (the hill with the transmission tower). It is mainly known for Klosterneuburg Monastery, first documented in 1108. Klosterneuburg is only 15 minutes by bus or train from Vienna city centre; the best connection is S-Bahn line S40 from Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof or Spittelau.

Tulln an der Donau

Location: additional 20km upstream the Danube from Klosterneuburg, or 30km from Vienna

Tulln is a small town in the countryside – very green and nicknamed Blumenstadt (town of flowers). It is even older than Klosterneuburg, dating back to pre-Roman times. From Vienna, Tulln is also accessible by S-Bahn line S40, which terminates here.

Krems an der Donau

Location: additional 35km from Tulln, 65km from Vienna; accessible through highways A22+S5 or A1+S33

Krems is already quite far from Vienna, but it is a popular tourist destination and the gateway to the picturesque Wachau Valley. There are cruises on the Danube from Vienna to Krems and the nearby Melk. As a result, it also has solid tourist infrastructure, including good hotels and restaurants. It is a little over one hour by train from Vienna city centre.

Sankt Pölten

Location: 50km from Vienna to the west, directly on highway A1 (to Linz, Salzburg, and Germany)

St. Pölten is the capital of Lower Austria (the Bundesland that surrounds, but doesn’t include, Vienna). It is bigger than the other towns (over 50,000 inhabitants). It has many hotels and other services and a frequent train connection to Vienna (Intercity trains stop here; it is 41-42 minutes from Vienna).

Hotels near Vienna in the East


Location: 10km from Vienna Inner City, just behind Simmering

Technically Schwechat is a different town, but it is quite integrated into Vienna. It is mainly known as the location of Vienna International Airport. Advantages: really close to Vienna city centre and good public transport (thanks to the proximity and the airport). Disadvantages: in most places less beautiful sceneries than in some of the other towns (it is mostly industrial).

Neusiedler See

Location: 45km to the east and south-east from Vienna, highways A4 or A3, or road number 15

Neusiedler See is a large lake at the border of Austria and Hungary and a popular weekend or summer destination for people living in Vienna. It is mainly known as the centre of water sports, bird watching, and wine. It takes very short time to get to Vienna by car, but public transport connections from some villages are less frequent than from some of the other towns.


Location: 30km to the east from Vienna, just off highway A4

Parndorf is a small village known as the location of the largest outlet shopping centre in Central Europe – Designer Outlet Parndorf. There are only a few hotels there, but it can be a good location if you want to visit the outlet.


Location: 60km to the east from Vienna, A4 Autobahn

Although Bratislava is the capital of another country, it is very close to Vienna and there are frequent bus and train connections. It naturally offers more services and attractions than most of the smaller towns near Vienna, but also the prices tend to be higher.

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