Flying to and from Vienna

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Vienna International Airport in Schwechat

Vienna International Airport, also known as Airport Wien Schwechat, is located about 20 km from the city centre to the south-east, next to the Eastern Highway (Ost-Autobahn, A4) to Bratislava and Budapest. The airport got its name by the nearby town of Schwechat. The international IATA code of Vienna Airport is VIE.

Air routes to and from Vienna

There are dozens of airlines serving regular lines to all major European cities and some overseas destinations. There is an excellent coverage of the Central and Eastern European destinations, for which Vienna Airport serves as a hub. The airport is home to Austrian national carrier, Austrian Airlines, and also to low cost airline Fly Niki (another low cost carrier SkyEurope ceased all operations on 1 September 2009).

Domestic routes

Besides international flights it is possible to fly to other Austrian cities from Schwechat, namely Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt, and Innsbruck. The domestic routes are served primarily by Austrian Airlines. Due to quite small land area, relatively short distances within Austria and good quality of road and rail network, the benefits of flying compared to travelling by train or bus between Austrian cities is questionable. The only exception is Innsbruck, where flying may save time.

Nearby airports

Besides Schwechat Airport there are several alternatives within an hour or two bus travel from Vienna with good coverage by low cost airlines. These include Linz (LNZ, Ryanair), Graz (GRZ, Ryanair), Brno-Turany (BRQ, Ryanair), or Bratislava (BTS, Sky Europe).

Bus service between Vienna Airport and Bratislava Airport

Bus service between Vienna Airport and Brno

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