Bus from Vienna Airport to Bratislava, Slovakia

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Postbus operates frequent bus service from Vienna to Bratislava, also connecting both airports. The intervals get as short as 30 minutes during peak hours. The buses leave in front of the arrivals area of Schwechat Airport. In fact, the bus starts in the city centre at Südtiroler Platz and stops also at Erdberg metro station (U3 line). The journey from Vienna International Airport to Bratislava takes 60 minutes, to Bratislava Airport it takes 75 minutes.


Eurolines buses serve the same route as Postbus, the only exception is that the route does start at Erdberg metro station (U3 line) and not at Südtiroler Platz. According to the stated schedules, travel time should be shorter compared to Postbus: usually 45 minutes from Vienna International Airport to Novy Most (the New Bridge) in Bratislava city centre and 60 minutes from airport to airport. Eurolines buses leave every two hours in front of the departure section of the Schwechat airport.

Note: The schedule and prices are as of July 2009. Go to the carriers’ websites for updates.