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Belvedere Palace and Gardens in Vienna

Belvedere Palace (sometimes also called Belvedere Castle; Schloss Belvedere in German) is located in the southern part of Vienna city centre, between Schwarzenbergplatz (in the north) and Landstrasser Gürtel (in the south). The palace is surrounded by a huge park (Belvedere Gardens), which resembles the better known and larger Schönbrunn, which is further from Vienna city centre in the south-west. Important streets near Belvedere Palace include Prinz-Eugen-Strasse, Mommsengasse, Wiedner Gürtel, and Belvederegasse.

Vienna Belvedere Palace accommodation

Belvedere Palace is outside Vienna Inner City and the number of hotels near Belvedere Palace is lower. There are several 3 star and 4 star hotels in the streets between Belvedere Gardens and Favoritenstrasse and along Wiedner Gürtel. More hotels can be found in the north, closer to Karlsplatz and the city centre. The 5 star hotel closest to Belvedere Palace (about 3 minutes walk) is Pakat Suites Hotel in Mommsengasse.

Other hotel locations near Belvedere Palace

The widest selection of accommodation is available in Innere Stadt (Inner City), Vienna’s first district. Innere Stadt is about 15 minutes walk or a short tram ride from Belvedere Palace to the north.

The U-Bahn (metro) stations closest to Belvedere Palace are Südtiroler Platz (also has S-Bahn access) and Taubstummengasse on line U1.

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Many hotels in Vienna are often sold out long in advance. Book your hotel early, especially when you want to come in a busy period (summer, Christmas, public holidays, weekends) and you are not flexible with dates of stay in Vienna.