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Vienna Belvedere Palace Gardens

Vienna Belvedere Palace Gardens

Belvedere Palace in Vienna: basic info Belvedere Palace, one of the best known landmarks of Vienna, was built at the beginning of 18th century, first as a suburban entertainment villa of Prince Eugene of Savoy. The main architect was Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, one of the top architects of the Austrian Baroque. The sculptures in [more…]

Hotels near KunstHaus Wien Hundertwasser Museum

Book a hotel close to KunstHaus Wien Search hotels near KunsHaus Wien Hundertwasser Museum now Search all hotels in Vienna (you can sort or filter the hotels by location, stars, guest review rating, or room rate on your dates) KunstHaus Wien Hundertwasser Museum KunstHausWien (literally Art House Vienna) is an independent art museum, featuring permanent [more…]

Hotels near Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna

Book a hotel close to Schwarzenbergplatz now You can filter or sort the hotels by room rate, amount of stars, guest review rating score, or distance from Schwarzenbergplatz: Search hotels near Vienna Schwarzenbergplatz now Search all hotels in Vienna Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna Schwarzenbergplatz (Schwarzenberg Square) is located in the southern part of Vienna city centre [more…]

Belvedere Gardens: View towards Innere Stadt

Belvedere Gardens: View towards Innere Stadt

Vienna Belvedere Gardens Belvedere Gardens, which surround Belvedere Palace, are among the largest and most beautiful parks in Vienna city centre. They are located south of Innere Stadt (Inner City – first district) in the district of Wieden. Belvedere Gardens are full of beautifully arranged flowers, statues, and fountains – they are actually quite similar [more…]

Hotels near Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna

Book a hotel close to Hundertwasser House now You can sort or filter the hotel search results by distance from Hundertwasserhaus, price, stars, guest review rating, and several other parameters: Search hotels near Vienna Hundertwasserhaus now Search all Vienna hotels Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna Hundertwasserhaus (Hundertwasser House) is an expressionist apartment house designed by Austrian architects [more…]

Vienna Belvedere Palace Hotels

Book a hotel near Belvedere Palace in Vienna You can filter or sort the hotels by room rate, guest review rating, distance from Belvedere Palace, and several other criteria: Search hotels close to Vienna Belvedere Palace now Search all Vienna hotels Belvedere Palace and Gardens in Vienna Belvedere Palace (sometimes also called Belvedere Castle; Schloss [more…]

Hotels near Belvedere Gardens in Vienna

Find accommodation near Vienna Belvedere Gardens Search hotels close to Belvedere Gardens now Search hotels in all parts of Vienna Belvedere Gardens in Vienna Belvedere Gardens represent one of the largest parks in Vienna city centre. They are located south of Schwarzenbergplatz and Vienna Inner City within an area marked by the streets Prinz-Eugen-Strasse, Rennweg, [more…]

Hotels near Stadtpark U4 Station in Vienna

Wien Stadtpark Station Stadtpark is one of the largest parks in Vienna city centre. Stadtpark Station on U-Bahn line U4 is located at the south-western end of Stadtpark, near Lothringerstrasse, Heumarkt, Parkring, and Johannesgasse. Hotels close to Stadtpark U4 Station There is a wide choice of hotels near Stadtpark Station. This area is a popular [more…]

Hotels near Wien Rennweg Station

Wien Rennweg Station Vienna Rennweg Train Station is located at the intersection of Rennweg (street), Ungargasse, and Fasangasse, to the east of Belvedere Gardens. Wien Rennweg is part of the Stammstrecke, the central section of Viennese S-Bahn (urban railway). Neighbouring train stations are Wien-Mitte (Landstrasse) and Südbahnhof S-Bahn Stop. Rennweg Station is also close to [more…]

Hotels near Kardinal-Nagl-Platz U3 Station in Vienna

Kardinal-Nagl-Platz Station Kardinal-Nagl-Platz is a square in the 3rd district (Landstrasse), located at the intersection of Hainburger Strasse (which is between and parallel to Erdbergstrasse and Landstrasser Hauptstrasse), Rabengasse, and Rüdengasse. There is an U-Bahn (metro) station at Kardinal Nagl Platz (line U3). Another square, Sankt-Nikolaus-Platz, is almost immediately next to Kardinal-Nagl-Platz. Hotels close to [more…]

Hotels near Rochusgasse U3 Station in Vienna

Vienna Rochusgasse Station Rochusgasse U3 Station is located at the crossing of Landstrasser Hauptstrasse, Erdbergstrasse, and Rochusgasse, in the 3rd district, Wien-Landstrasse. Though it is outside the Inner City, it takes only 1-3 metro stops to the very centre of Vienna and about 5 minutes walk to Wien-Mitte train station. Hotels near Rochusgasse U3 Station [more…]

Hotels near Landstrasse Wien-Mitte Station (U3, U4)

Landstrasse Wien-Mitte U-Bahn Station Landstrasse/Wien-Mitte is one of the busiest metro and train stations in Vienna. It has access to U-Bahn lines U3 and U4. Wien-Mitte Railway Station is part of the Stammstrecke (the core section of Vienna S-Bahn urban train network). Landstrasse Station is located at the eastern border of Vienna’s inner city near [more…]

Hotels near Wien-Mitte (Landstrasse) Station

Wien-Mitte Train Station in Vienna As its name suggests, the railway station Wien-Mitte is probably the most centrally located of all Viennese train stations. You can find Wien-Mitte Station in the eastern part of Vienna Inner City. Besides train traffic the station also serves as an U-Bahn (metro) hub with access to lines U3 and [more…]

Vienna Westbahnhof to Erdberg Station Directions

Vienna Westbahnhof Train Station Westbahnhof (West Train Station) is one of the most important train stations in Vienna. It is the point of arrival and departure for trains between Vienna and several big Austrian and European cities, like Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt, or Zürich. It is also a popular hotel site – many visitors to Vienna [more…]

How to Get from Museumsquartier to Erdberg Bus Station in Vienna

Getting from Museumsquartier to Erdberg Station Erdberg Bus Station, the main international bus station in Vienna, is located in the eastern part of the city in the 3rd district, Wien Landstrasse. The bus terminal in Erdberg is situated just next to the big highway which bypasses the city centre from north to south – more [more…]