Vienna in December

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Weather in Vienna in December

Vienna has Central European climate, which is something between coastal and continental. In December it means that you should be prepared for almost anything. Rain is likely and so it wind, sometimes strong. Snow is less likely than rain, but not uncommon. On average, Vienna gets only 2 hours of sunshine per day in December, compared to 7-8 hours in summer. Days are the shortest in December – around 8 hours of daylight only (sun goes up at about 8 am and goes down at about 4 pm).

Temperatures during the day are most likely to be just above zero Celsius, although extremes on both sides can happen (and have been somehow more frequent in the recent years). Long term average maximum day temperature is 4°C, average low night temperature is -2°C.

Things to Do in Vienna in December

Vienna Christmas Markets

Vienna is one of the best cities in the world to visit during the pre-Christmas time, because its Christmas markets are world-class and with wonderful atmosphere. They start in the second half of November and run every day until Christmas. Weekends and especially Sundays are best, but there is something going on all the time. There are several places all over Vienna where the markets take place. The most famous is the Christkindlmarkt in front of Vienna City Hall (Rathaus).

Here you can find the best locations and more information about Vienna Christmas Markets.

Ball Season

In December, the ball season has already started, although the calendar may not be as full as after the New Year.

Theatre, Concerts, and Other Cultural Events

Classical music, opera, and theatre are key parts of the Vienna “brand” and you can visit these events all year round, but the winter is an especially good time for it. However, if you want to visit the world-famous New Year Concert (1 January), that would require more than a year long planning, as the tickets are sold out very long in advance (unless you are very VIP, and maybe even that would not help).