Musikverein Concert Hall

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Hotels near Vienna Musikverein Concert Hall

Book a hotel close to Musikverein Building now You can filter or sort the hotels by distance from Vienna Musikverein Concert Hall, number of stars, guest review rating, or price: Search hotels near Musikverein in Vienna now Search all Vienna hotels Vienna Musikverein Concert Hall Musikverein (literally Music Association in German) is the home to [more…]

Neujahrskonzert 2011 with Franz Welser-Most

New Year’s Concert by Vienna Philharmonic Every year the Neujahrskonzert by Vienna Philharmonic is one of the greatest classical music events. Neujahrskonzert 2010 was broadcasted to over 70 countries and watched by more than 50 million spectators worldwide. Here you can find the basic general information about Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concerts. Franz Welser-Möst the [more…]

Vienna Philharmonic Ball 2010

Another season’s highlight: 21 January at Musikverein Vienna New Year Concert 2010 was again huge success, such that Wiener Philharmoniker website had trouble handling the traffic in the first days of the year. Vienna Philharmonic comes back into the spotlight again soon. On 21 January 2010 Vienna Philharmonic Ball takes place at the Musikverein (same [more…]

Neujahrskonzert 2010 with Georges Prêtre

Vienna Philharmonic New Year Concert On 1 January 2010 Wiener Musikverein hosted the traditional New Year Concert performed by Wiener Philharmoniker. The concert was broadcasted to over 70 countries and watched by more than 50 million spectators. Here you can read more about the tradition of Vienna Philharmonic New Year Concerts. Georges Prêtre conducting Neujahrskonzert [more…]

Vienna Philharmonic New Year Concert

The largest classical music event in the world According to the Wiener Philharmoniker website, the New Year Concert in Vienna is the largest classical music event in the world in terms of coverage and number of spectators. In 2010 the Neujahrskonzert was broadcasted by TV to more than 70 countries. Official German name of the [more…]