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Hotels near Burgtheater in Vienna

Book a hotel close to Vienna Burgtheater You can filter or sort the hotels by various criteria, including room rate, number of stars, hotel guest review rating, or distance from Burgtheater. Search hotels near Burgtheater now Search all Vienna hotels Burgtheater in Vienna Burgtheater Wien is located in the western part of Innere Stadt on [more…]

History of Burgtheater in Vienna

Burgtheater founded under Maria Theresia Today‚Äôs Burgtheater was founded on 14 March 1741 under the reign of Empress Maria Theresia, who wanted a theatre close to her imperial palace (Hofburg). Her son and the next Austrian Emperor Joseph II named it German National Theatre in 1776. Mozart in Burgtheater The following years were the times [more…]

Burgtheater Wien Info, Actors, and Location

Burgtheater in Vienna: Austrian National Theatre Burgtheater in Vienna is one of the finest German speaking stages in the world and one of the most meaningful buildings and institutions in Vienna. Throughout its history it served the function of Austrian primary theatre, first under the Habsburg rule and then in the modern Austrian Republic. Over [more…]