Activities and Accommodation near Parndorf

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What to do near Parndorf Outlet besides shopping?

This article can give you some ideas regarding the activities near Parndorf Outlet Centre. Even when you come here primarily for shopping, it is worth to look around a bit, as the region is a popular tourist destination which offers various kinds of things to see and do: cycling or walking in beautiful nature, windsurfing, sailing, or just relaxing at the popular Viennese weekend destination Neusiedler See (Lake Neusiedl), or enjoying the nearby capitals Vienna and Bratislava.

Designer Outlet Parndorf

Designer Outlet Parndorf is the biggest outlet shopping centre in Central Europe. Parndorf is situated about 50 km south-east of Vienna and has a strategic location with easy access from three countries: Austria, Slovakia (especially Bratislava), and Hungary. But many people from more distant countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, or even Romania are attracted by its wide selection of over 600 brands in over 150 shops, and the discounts ranging from 30% to 70%. Even several hundred kilometres long drive may be worth it when you need to buy more clothes or accessories.

Planning a trip to Parndorf Outlet

For a big shopping trip it is most convenient to come to Parndorf with your own car. As the outlet centre is really huge, even one whole day might not be enough to explore all the shops. It may be wise to combine the shopping with a short (or longer) holiday.

Parndorf: the town

Parndorf itself is a small town with little tourist activity. Its main advantage is the mere 2 km distance from the outlet centre and good road and rail connections to other places in the region. However, accommodation capacity is very limited in Parndorf – check the hotels in Parndorf.

Neusiedl am See

Neusiedl is situated on the northern coast of Neusiedler See (Lake Neusiedl) and about 4 km to the south of Parndorf Outlet Centre. There is a local taxi service which connects the towns of Parndorf and Neusiedl with Designer Outlet Parndorf on fixed times and at discounted prices. You can get more information and make reservations on phone number 0043 676 96 26 791.

Neusiedl am See has a population of about 6,000 and it is the administrative centre of the region. There are some monuments to see in Neusiedl (Holy Trinity Column by Elias Hügel or a watchtower ruin called Tabor). Nevertheless, the main attraction is the lake and the various activities it can provide. Find accommodation in Neusiedl am See.

Bruck an der Leitha

Bruck an der Leitha (Bridge over Leitha) is a nice historical town on the way from Parndorf to Vienna (about 10 km from Parndorf). The sights include the Prugg Castle, the main square with the town’s church, Hungarian Tower with a museum, and various other museums and parks. For more details see the official website of Bruck an der Leitha.

Nearby capitals: Vienna and Bratislava

Vienna is 50 km far from Parndorf outlet (highway A4) and Bratislava is about 40 km far (highway A6). For more information about Vienna, see the rest of this website. For Bratislava, you can visit the official tourist website of Bratislava.