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The former Wien Südbahnhof is now Wien Hauptbahnhof (Vienna main train station).

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Wien Südbahnhof: Vienna South Train Station

Südbahnhof, which means South Railway Station in German, used to be the largest railway station in Vienna. It was located at the intersetion of Wiedner Gürtel and Prinz-Eugen-Strasse, near Schweizergarten and Belvedere Gardens. Südbahnhof was in fact a twin station: its east and south part used to be two separate stations earlier, but then (1955-1961) they were merged into Südbahnhof and shared one terminal building.

Südbahnhof demolition and Hauptbahnhof construction

In December 2009 the old Südbahnhof Station was closed down and the building was demolished a few months later. The area is being transformed into a multi-functional residential and commercial complex and the train station will be moved to the newly built Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station), located north of the original Südbahnhof. Some train services (S-Bahn) still remain in the original location. Most trains which used to terminate at Südbahnhof Station now terminate at some of the other nearby stations, particularly Wien Meidling Train Station.

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