Wien Hauptbahnhof Construction

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The new main train station in Vienna

Until now there have been numerous big train stations in Vienna, but none that could possess the title main or central train station. This will change in a few years. A huge project is underway to the south of Vienna city centre in the area surrounding the present Südbahnhof (South Train Station) and Wiedner Gürtel.

Südbahnhof should be gradually replaced by the new big Central Station, which will probably be called Wien Hauptbahnhof or Wien Hbf. (Vienna Main Train Station). The new project should eliminate the main weakness of the original Südbahnhof – it will enable the trains to go through. Südbahnhof was divided in two parts because it originated by a merger of two stations.

The new Hauptbahnhof promises to connect long distance trains coming to Vienna from all directions and further strengthen the position of Vienna as a hub between the east and west, and north and south.

BahnhofCity: residential area, shopping centre, and offices

Besides the new Central Station that will naturally offer all services including public transport coverage, taxi stands, and car and bicycle stands, the project also includes construction of a modern residential area with about 5,000 new apartments and all the necessary infrastructure like school, kindergarten, and a huge park.

A new shopping centre will also be built with about 100 shops and a variety of restaurants. Offices and a hotel will also be part of the complex. The new BahnhofCity promises to create as much as 15,000 jobs.

Total area that will be redeveloped accounts for 109 hectares, mostly between Arsenalstrasse, Gudrunstrasse, Sonnwendgasse, and Wiedner Gürtel. For more details concerning the project visit the website of Hauptbahnhof Wien.

Hauptbahnhof construction schedule

With Austrian Railways timetable change on 13 December 2009 most of Südbahnhof was closed down. In 2010 most construction works focus on the rail parts and infrastructure and the old Südbahnhof building will be torn down. In 2011 construction works affect Wiedner Gürtel. First office and residential buildings will be started.

Start of partial operation of the new Central Station is planned in December 2012. In the following years other parts of the project in the BahnhofCity will gradually be completed. Full operation and completion of the whole Central Station and all the other residential and office buildings is expected in 2015.

Limited operation at Südbahnhof

A construction of this magnitude can’t avoid affecting the surrounding areas and especially transportation, mostly in districts 3, 4, and 10 (Landstrasse, Wieden, and Favoriten). The most significant changes concern long-distance trains which used to have their terminal station at Südbahnhof.

Much (though not all) of the long distance train traffic originally served by Südbahnhof has moved to the nearby Bahnhof Wien Meidling. On the contrary, S-Bahn operation should not be affected much and the S-Bahn station at Südbahnhof remains in operation. See more details about the changes in public transport at Südbahnhof.

More information about Central Station construction

This article is based on official information issued by the City of Vienna and Austrian Railways (ÖBB). Note that the details and especially the transportation measures can change. Visit the websites of the City of Vienna or Austrian Railways (ÖBB) for more details and updates.