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When you are booking a hotel in a big city, you always run the risk of selecting a location which is not as convenient or nice as it could be. Although most tourist attractions and most other important places in Vienna city centre are not very far from each other, choosing the perfect location to stay adds to the pleasant experience of your visit. Using a hotels map of Vienna can help you achieve that exactly.

Using the Vienna hotels map

This Vienna hotel map is powered by Google Maps and compared to the Google standard it adds various icons of individual hotels, landmarks, or stations, which you can use to navigate through Vienna hotels and generate hotel search results tailored exactly to your needs.

When you click on a landmark or station icon (such as Rathaus, Schönbrunn, or Westbahnhof), you get to a hotel search results page displaying hotels near that place. According to your needs you can adjust the distance deciding which hotels to include. You can sort the hotels by distance, price, and several other criteria.

When you click on an individual hotel’s icon in the Vienna hotels map, you get to the main page of that hotel, where you can read detailed description, see pictures and guest reviews, check prices for various types of rooms, and if you like it, book the hotel immediately.

Here you can see more details and more tips on using the Vienna hotels map.

Zooming the Vienna hotels map and satellite view

Like the standard Google Maps, this hotels map of Vienna can be zoomed in or out, using the bar on the left side of the map. You can also switch to satellite view of Vienna if you like.

Show the map of Vienna hotels now