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While booking hotels on the internet is the most convenient way to find accommodation in a city you don’t know, you’re never 100% sure that you will like the hotel’s location until you see it on your own eyes. Many people end up disappointed that their hotel is not as close to their favourite tourist attraction or metro station as they thought. Vienna is a big city and there are many popular hotel locations, sometimes quite far from each other. When you are booking hotels in Vienna, it is advisable to see Vienna hotels map to help you decide where in Vienna you want to stay.

Navigation on this hotels map of Vienna

This Vienna hotels map is powered by Google Maps – in fact it is the common Google Map with added icons of hotels and landmarks and with everything linked together, so you are able to search and book hotels by clicking on icons on the hotel map.

Vienna hotels map features

Individual hotels

Most icons you will see on this Vienna hotels map are icons of individual hotels. You will recognize them by the small white bed symbol on dark blue (or orange on some maps) background. When you hover the mouse over a hotel icon, you can see very basic information about the hotel. When you click on the icon, you get to that hotel’s main page, where you can read detailed description, check room rates, and see pictures and guest reviews.

Important places in Vienna (landmarks, stations etc.)

Many people want to find a hotel near a particular landmark like Schönbrunn Palace, Prater Amusement Park, or the MuseumsQuartier. The most popular tourist attractions have their own icons in the Vienna hotels map. You can see the distance of individual hotels from a particular landmark directly in the hotels map. Moreover, when you click on a landmark icon (white camera symbol on light blue background), you get to that landmark’s hotel page, where you can filter or sort hotels by distance from the landmark.

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City icons in the hotel map

Like landmarks and individual hotels, cities have their icons in the hotels map too. When you’re visiting Vienna you probably don’t want to stay in another city, but in some cases it is useful to compare hotels in different cities and see how far they are from each other (e.g. when searching for hotels in the Alps). Again, clicking on a city icon (small dark red square) gets you on the main page of the city.

Satellite map of Vienna hotels

If you like, you can also display the Vienna hotels map as a satellite image (though most people find this option less easy to navigate). You can zoom in or out using the bar on the left side of the map.

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