Vienna Can Get Quite Hot in Summer – What to Do About It?

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Vienna Has Temperate Climate, But Extreme Weather Does Occur

You may be surprised by that, but the temperatures in Vienna can rise to very high levels in July and August. The climate in Vienna is officially temperate and compared to some other places like Moscow or Marrakech the differences in temperatures between day and night are smaller. Furthermore, Vienna is usually quite windy and the wind cools you down when it gets warm. Nevertheless, afternoon temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius are not uncommon in the Austrian capital.

Thunderstorms in Vienna in Summer

Besides high temperatures, be also prepared for thunderstorms in summer in Vienna. Like in other cities in Central Europe, summer thunderstorms are often a result of hot weather and usually they don’t last for very long time.

Where to Hide from Hot Weather in Vienna

Vienna offers a plenty of options where to hide from too much sun and too high temperatures in summer. You can hide in one of the numerous museums in Vienna – for the widest scale of options go to MuseumsQuartier (Museums Quarter). Alternatively, you can visit the large Schönbrunn Park and hide under the trees. There are many things to do in Schönbrunn. If you don’t mind looking at human bones, the catacombs in the Stephansdom are another great option.

Where to Have Ice Cream in Vienna

A great idea in hot weather is an ice cream. The best places for having an ice cream in Vienna are:

  • Prater amusement park (U-Bahn station Praterstern)
  • The embankment on the left bank of the Danube close to the UNO City (U-Bahn station Donauinsel or Kaisermühlen/Vienna International Centre.
  • Schönbrunn Park (U-Bahn station Schönbrunn)
  • Somewhere along the Ringstrasse, for example in front of the Rathaus. There are many trees where you can hide from the sun and beautiful buildings and monuments to observe on all sides.