Rathaus Film Festival 2009

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Rathaus Film Festival 2012

For this year’s information, see Rathaus Film Festival 2012.

Rathaus Film Festival 2009

Summer is again the time when you can enjoy a film festival in the heart of the Austrian capital, where the performances are to be watched at the 230 m2 screen installed right on the front wall of one of the most beautiful buildings (not just) in Vienna, the Rathaus (city hall). In 2009 the festival takes place at Rathausplatz from 27 June to 30 August.

Rathausplatz Film Festival program and details

Of the cultural program there is a variety of styles at disposal, ranging from classical music over opera and ballet to more modern pieces. But the festival is not just about culture, but also about food; you can taste (not only) exotic food at stands and open-air restaurants in front of the city hall. This combination makes Rathausplatz a great place for a dinner. Nevertheless, the food is there during the whole day, only the cultural highlights start when it gets dark, usually around 9 pm. Admission is free. Rathausplatz is best accessible from the metro stations Rathaus (U2 line) or Volkstheater (U2 and U3).

Rathaus Film Festival August 2009 Program