Postal Codes in Vienna

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Postal codes determined by districts

Postal codes of places in Vienna are determined by the district where that place lies. Austrian postal codes have four digits. For Vienna the first digit is always 1. The following two digits are exactly the district number (for districts 1-9 the second digit in the postal code is the leading zero). The last digit in the postal code is usually zero in Vienna. As a result for example Innere Stadt (first district) has the postal code A-1010 and Meidling (12th district) has A-1120.

Exceptions to the rule

There are some exceptions to these district-based postal codes. Vienna International Airport located in fact outside the area of Vienna in the state of Lower Austria has a Viennese (but not district-based) postal code 1300. Vienna International Centre (usually called UNO City) has 1400, thought it is situated in the 22th district (Donaustadt). Similarly, Austrian United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces have 1500.

List of postal codes in Vienna

1010 Innere Stadt

1020 Leopoldstadt

1030 Landstrasse

1040 Wieden

1050 Margareten

1060 Mariahilf

1070 Neubau

1080 Josefstadt

1090 Alsergrund

1100 Favoriten

1110 Simmering

1120 Meidling

1130 Hietzing

1140 Penzing

1150 Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

1160 Ottakring

1170 Hernals

1180 Währing

1190 Döbling

1200 Brigittenau

1210 Floridsdorf

1220 Donaustadt

1230 Liesing

1300 Vienna International Airport

1400 Vienna International Centre (UNO-City, United Nations offices in Vienna)

1500 Austrian United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces