Operngasse Street Sign, Vienna

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Operngasse Street in Vienna

Operngasse (Opera Street) stretches from Albertinaplatz in Vienna 1st district (Innere Stadt) to the 4th district (Wieden). It is located in a very popular tourist and cultural area – there are many restaurants, shops, and hotels near Operngasse. Some of Vienna’s best known landmarks are situated directly at Operngasse or very close to it.

Operngasse Street Sign, Vienna

Landmarks and interesting places along Operngasse

At Albertinaplatz, Operngasse starts next to Albertina and Burggarten (the park with Mozart statue at Hofburg, the Imperial Palace). As its name suggests, Operngasse passes by the building of Wiener Staatsoper, Vienna State Opera. After it crosses the Ringstrasse (namely its Opernring section), it gets to Karlsplatz, a large square at the border of Innere Stadt and Wieden. Operngasse continues for several hundreds of metres beyond Karlsplatz in Wieden, until it meets Schleifm├╝hlgasse and Margaretenstrasse at its end.

Vienna street signs

The street sign on the picture has the typical Viennese street sign design: white letters on dark blue background. This sign is located at the intersection of Operngasse and Opernring (Ringstrasse) next to Vienna State Opera building. The number 1 on the sign marks the district (in this case the 1st district, Innere Stadt).